10 famous Romantic Lake in Bangalore

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Bengaluru, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. these lakes serve as important sources of water for the city’s residents and also provide recreational opportunities for locals and tourists. some of the famous lakes in Bangalore include Ulsoor Lake, Sankey Tank, Hebbal Lake, Madiwala Lake, and Puttenahalli Lake. these lakes are popular spots for activities such as boating, picnics, morning walks, birdwatching, and fishing.

In addition to providing recreational opportunities, these lakes also play an important role in the city’s ecosystem. they provide habitat for a variety of plants and animals, and support the local flora and fauna. the lake is surrounded by trees and has a lovely view of the city skyline. there are also several restaurants and cafes nearby, making it the perfect place to spend a day out. this article is your ultimate travel guide to enjoy the 10 famous lake in Bangalore!

The 10 best lakes in Bangalore

 ⭐ Ulsoor Lake
 ⭐ Madiwala Lake
 ⭐ Sankey Tank lake 
 ⭐ Hebbal Lake
 ⭐ Bellandur Lake
 ⭐ Varthur Lake
 ⭐ Lalbagh Lake
 ⭐ Agara Lake
 ⭐ Hesaraghatta Lake
 ⭐ Jakkur Lake

Ulsoor Lake

 Halasuru Lake

Boating time picture of Halasuru Lake

Ulsoor Lake or Halasuru Lake, one of the famous lakes in Bangalore, is located on the eastern side of the city. It derives its name from the name of the locality in which it is situated, namely, Halasuru, close to M G Road. It is spread over 50 ha (123.6 acres) and has several islands. Even though the lake is dated to Kempe Gowdas’ time, the present lake was created by Lewin Bentham Bowring, the then Commissioner of Bangalore. Lake is often sources of great natural beauty, with their clear, calm waters and the surrounding landscapes.
Address: XJMC+RWF, Halasuru, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
Google Review: 3.8⭐(3,116)

Madiwala Lake 

Madiwala Lake 

Birds in Madiwala Lake

The lake is the cleanest lake in Bangalore, India spread over an area of 114.3 hectares. Legend has it that the lake was built by the Cholas in a day. It is situated in the BTM Layout at 12° 54′ 28″ North, 77° 37′ 0″ East in Bangalore city. It is home to many migratory birds. lake comes under the administration of the Karnataka State Forest Department which carries out the routine maintenance of this lake. there is a children’s park as well.
Madiwala lake sees a huge number of Spot-billed Pelican migrants in the winter (November–December). these Spot-billed pelicans live in groups. their main food is fish. pelicans take small flights across the lake for fishing
Address: BTM layout Bangalore!
Google Review: 4.3⭐(914)

Sankey Tank lake 

Sankey Tank lake

Beautifull Nature of Sankey Tank lake

Sankey tank (Kannada:ಸ್ಯಾಂಕಿ ಕೆರೆ), a manmade lake or tank, is situated in the western part of Bangalore in the middle of the neighborhoods of Malleshwaram, Vyalikaval, and Sadashivanagar. and it was linked to the Miller’s tank and Dharmambudhi tank and was built as a safeguard against water shortages, such as that experienced in the Great Famine of 1876–78. the quality of water was not very good when the Governor of Madras visited Bangalore on July 1888. a local wit commented, “the men who are thrown off their horses and killed on the spot at Bangalore are the only ones that are allowed by doctors not to have died from drinking bad water”.
Address: Kodandarampura, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Google Review:4.5⭐


Hebbal Lake

Hebbal Lake

Hebbal lake is located in the north of Bangalore at the mouth of National Highway 7, along the junction of Bellary Road and the Outer Ring Road (ORR). It was one of the three lakes created in 1537 by Kempe Gowda. Like most lakes or “tanks” in the Bangalore region, it was formed by the damming of natural valley systems by the construction of bunds.

The lake is predominantly eutrophic due to the inflow of sewage. the nutrients support the profuse growth of water hyacinth and Typha in the shallow zone. habitat is favoured by many species of water birds including large waterbirds such as the spot-billed pelican, Eurasian spoonbill, shoveller, pintail, garganey, little grebe, coot, and Indian spot-billed duck. the shallow zone supports sandpipers and other waders as well as purple moorhens, purple herons, and grey herons.

Address: Hebbal, Bangalore, Karnataka
Google Review:4⭐(625)

Bellandur Lake 

Bellandur Lake 

Bellandur Lake is located in the suburb of Bellandur in the southeast of the city of Bengaluru. the largest lake in the city. It is a part of Bellandur drainage system that drains the southern and the southeastern parts of the city. lake is a receptor from three chains of lakes upstream, and has a catchment area of about 148 square kilometers (37,000 acres). water from this lake flows further east to the Varthur Lake, from where it flows down the plateau and eventually into the pinakani river basin.
Address:  Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Google Review:3.1⭐(508)

Varthur Lake

Varthur Lake

Varthur Lake is a man-made tank or reservoir located in Bangalore, Karnataka. history of the lake goes back to the Ganga Empire. varthur Lake is the primary outflow for a series of interconnected channels or drains and lakes that forms the Varthur Lake series or the Bellandur-Varthur Lake series. bellandur lake is fed by several cascading lake chains. Bellandur canal enters Varthur lake in the west, the shallow most portion of the lake. the depth gradually increases towards the east part of the lake to a maximum of 1.85 to 2.55 m. An eastern side is dammed. the depth at the inlet is as low as 10 cm.

Over half of the lake is covered with macrophytes throughout the year. and the presence of these reduces the ability of the lake to control its water quality. In February 2002 Varthur Lake was used to irrigate 1537 acres of paddy, coconuts, bananas, and other plants.
Address: XP2R+397, Varthur Kere, Varthur, Bengaluru, Bengaluru east, Karnataka
Google Review:2.8⭐(356)

Lalbagh Lake

Lalbagh Lake

Full Lalbagh Lake view

Lalbagh Botanical Garden or simply Lalbagh (lit. ’red garden’), is an botanical garden in Bangalore, India, with an over 200-year history. first planned and laid out during the dalavaiship of Hyder Ali and later managed under numerous British Superintendents before Indian Independence. It was responsible for the introduction and propagation of numerous ornamental plants as well as those of economic value.

In modern times it hosts two flower shows coinciding with the week of Republic Day (26 January) and Independence Day (15 August). As an urban green space along with Cubbon Park, it is also home to numerous wild species of birds and other wildlife. the garden also has a lake adjoining a large rock on which a watchtower had been constructed during the reign of Kempegowda II. for any visitors it’s right location.
Address: Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004
Google Review:4.4⭐(1,30,924)

Agara Lake

Agara lake side view

Evening view of Agara lake

The lake is an 80-acre lake located in Agara, Bangalore. It is part of the Varthur lake series. Madiwala Lake is upstream while Bellandur Lake is downstream. Inter-lake connections have seen fragmentation and urbanization.
Agara Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Bangalore. and the inflow end, there is a partitioned constructed wetland and a sediment basin with a sluice. lake is surrounded by a walking and cycling track. there is a park at the north end. an immersion tank has been built here. A stormwater drain or rajakaluve flows immediately alongside the lake on its left side. lake is surrounded by roads on all sides.
Address: Agara Village, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Google Review:4.4⭐(2,263)

Hesaraghatta Lake 


Hesaraghatta Lake is a manmade reservoir located 18 km to the northwest of Bengaluru in Karnataka state, India. it is a fresh water lake created in the year 1894 across the Arkavathy River to meet the drinking water needs of the city. sir K. Seshadri Iyer, the then Dewan of erstwhile Mysore state and the then Chief Engineer of Mysuru, M. C. hutchins, planned to build the scheme called the “Chamarajendra Water Works” to store a three years water supply to the city.

there are 184 tanks built in the Arkavati river basin upstream of the Hesaraghatta lake. and the River Arkavati originates in the Nandi Hills of Chikkaballapur district and joins the River Kaveri at Kanakapura after flowing through Kolar District and Bangalore Rural district. and it is a famous lakes in Bangalore.
Address: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Google Review:4.3⭐(1601)

Jakkur Lake

Jakkur Lake

Jakkur lake also famous lake in Bangalore and is located on the northern side of the city. It derives its name from the name of the locality, Jakkur. It is spread around 35 ha (86.5 acres) and has several islands. and jakkur Lake is the best lake in Bangalore and is a great spot for a picnic or a day out with friends. and lake is situated in the north of the city and is easily accessible by public transport. and there are plenty of things to do around the lake, including renting a boat or going for a swim. the lake also has a bird sanctuary which is home to some rare species of birds. jakkur Lake is worth a visit if you are looking for a peaceful day out in nature.
Address: Agrahara, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Google Review:4.5⭐(725)


We hope this list of the 10 famous lakes in Bangalore has helped you plan your next outing. In addition to their natural beauty, lakes also provide recreational opportunities for people. Many people enjoy activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, and birdwatching at lakes. Lakes can also be important sources of water for communities and are often used for irrigation and other purposes. So get out there and enjoy all that Bangalore lakes. and If you want read more about lake in Shillong click now.

10 famous Romantic Lakes in Bangalore
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